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The Mission
In a complacent world, we teach Christian men, women and children to become servant warriors for the Glory of God, developing Biblical character and stewarding their mind and body through the disciplines of Scripture study, physical fitness and martial arts.

The purpose of this ministry is discipleship. We will teach scripture while taking full advantage of physical fitness and how it transitions to spiritual fitness as practical application. This model will help students of all ages understand that their faith is more than just a private prayer or mind game but rather a full contact sport life skill that requires training and discipline.

This program was designed to take a wholistic approach to Spiritual Fitness. Soul - Mind - Body by driving a biblical connection between Physical Fitness and Spiritual Fitness. We do this by combining physical fitness, martial arts and biblical devotions to battle complacency in the physical and spiritual life.
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Certified Training Center 
the Shinja Martial Arts University

about our Martial Arts Style!

Shinja Kenpo Karate

Shinja Kenpo Karate is a blended Martial Arts System that focuses equally on spiritual and physical discipline as well as martial ability.
信者 Shinja (Beliver, Christian)
拳法 Kenpo (Fist Law, General term for many styles of Chinese or Japanese martial arts)
唐手 Karate (kara, "Tang Dynasty; China” - te, "hand" as the art was originally transmitted from China to Okinawa, and thence to mainland Japan.)
After training for over 15 years in various martial arts, (Shotokan, Shou Shu Kung Fu, American Kenpo, and Shaolin Kempo.) Pastor Spencer R. Fusselman developed Shinja Kenpo Karate as a way to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual disciplines. Through his military career, he learned that a holistic warrior is one who is spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared. Likewise, a holistic believer (shinja) Is one who is spiritually disciplined in the Word and prayer, mentally disciplined to believe the truth while dismantling lies, and physically fit to follow where Christ may lead.
Shinja Kenpo Karate is first and foremost a discipleship art. It is an immersive journey designed to incorporate the entire family in the discipleship process rather than simply a repackaged karate system with bible verses attached. This system was built for discipleship and leadership training from the ground up.

Hall of Honors Recipient 2022

Our mission is to empower dicipleship in your home!

By working hard to make this program available in a digital format we bring fun and exciting dicipleship tools to your home! 
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